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PMP it exam he mouth of Wang Shizi one by one issued to break the silence of the scene, but also let everyone move up again. Even if there is doubt in my mind at this time, no one at this time silent. A total of twelve detective ships affected by the wormhole energy, was suck into the wormhole, disappeared in the existing space, hundreds of people died, these detectors are also with the ship to Jupiter visited the scientists , This has been said to be a heavy loss. After all, on the expedition on the 1st or even have not left the solar system, away from the star city of Yao Cit.y less than two days time, was so hit, as the captain of the Wang Shizi at this time the mood can be imagined. Although the moment from the moment of the expedition on the 1st, we all know that the journey can be said to be dangerous, and even everyone is doing this life may never return to the preparation of the earth, but in PMI Certification such a short time Within the suffered such a major loss, everyone s feelings can be imagined heavy. This is definitely not a good sign. More people feel Biequ is that such PMP a violent energy reaction before they did not even be able to predict, did not predict it also fills, even more people feel lost, for the rescue they are not too many ways to think. In the vast space, even the expedition o.n the 1st of such a giant warships, but only a drop in the ocean, the earth civilization in this vast expanse of space humble poor, that is drafting the rescue plan, but everyone feels that

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